Building Blox IT Limited are an independent IT consultancy providing a wide range of professional IT technical services and solutions to SME's.

Building Blox IT provide a "consultancy led approach" to clients combined with an aggressive product development strategy in order to maximise previously developed commonly utilised functionality.  Most organisations can see the value in software solutions and hardware infrastructure, but often need guidance for how it can be best integrated into their business.

Building Blox IT can assist you to conceptualise how the software can fit in your organisation, and what benefits it can provide. As a 'supplier agnostic' consultancy, we provide the relevant solution to the Client's issues, without prejudice or bias towards one technology or another.  Whether the solution utilises the Microsoft Solution stack with .NET applications talking to SQL Server databases, or open source based solution with PHP and MySQL, Building Blox IT have the experience to pick the correct solution for your requirements. 

Currently Building Blox IT are engaged in on-site consultancy for Hillarys, RiskSTOP and MyAlloys.